MaidSafe Poster

A poster for both members and non members to display within their premises sends a strong message to say those who offend are not welcome!

MaidSafe operates an Exclusion Scheme - should an offence committed meet a certain criteria, the offender is issued an Exclusion Notice, excluding them from all MaidSafe member s premises. 
The Poster states "if you committ an offence in a MaidSafe premise, YOUR IMAGE WILL BE SHARED with all members, and you will be banned.

Posters within the Town Centre poster sites reinforce the town's message.
Posters are available to members and non members free of charge.  Please call 01622 758938 to request yours.
Best Practice Guide of Retail Security

With fewer Police resources available, we need to do what we can to help ourselves.  A presentation, hosted by MaidSafe and Maidstone Town Police shared a guide to ‘Support Retail Security’.
Prevention through early intervention and cost effective methods of detering, with detention/arrest being the last resort were shared.  
Spotting suspicious behaviour and how to approach someone you suspect of theft without putting yourself at risk were key topics, with a Meet, Greet an Observe policy introduced.
A Best Practice Guide to Retail Security is to be published soon and distributed to our members to incorporate into their working practices.
A common approach and strong message will  deter shoplifters from commiting crime in our Town Centre.
Shortcut App to Members Secure Website

Gives our members quick and real time access to offenders, incidents, support and advice.
Members can choose to view a profile of an individual, including those who have been issued an exclusion notice from all our member’s premises. 
There is also a ‘Quick Report’ to log an incident.  The member simply takes a photo, enter some details relating to the incident and submits.

Once authorised by the Partnership Manager, the intelligence is shared with the members.
Just one example of the amazing work performed by the MaidSafe Night Time Economy Partnership...............
A lady came to the Urban Blue Bus very upset asking to chat, where she revealed she had lost a baby to cot death last year.  She was swaying about and had obviously been drinking. Chatting to her the Street Pastors were asked to come and chat with her and walk her to the bus station. As they walked she told them she had taken an overdose of her anti seizure tablets (she was noticeably dozier and sleepier than before).
The Street Pastors walked her back to the Urban Blue Bus, who called 999. As they continued to talk she mentioned she had a restraint order against her abusive ex-husband, and she had 4 other children. Worried as to who was looking after them, the police were called to do a welfare check.
Searching for the pills she had taken and unlocking her phone, her friend was called to sit with her. It became apparent the lady was very distressed and was within community psychiatric care. In the meantime, she got noticeably sleepier and unresponsive. When the ambulance crew arrived, they had to intubate her - the lady went off to hospital very unwell indeed.
The lady was 'touch and go', in critical care.  She regained some conscious the following day and is now recovering well, receiving excellent care and the support services she needs.
It was a very shocking and difficult situation for the Volunteers of the Urban Blue Bus and Street Pastors to deal with.  The ambulance guys were really appreciative and told them they were angels, in this case we can believe it, along with the police they really did save this lady’s life.
Urban Blue Bus

The Urban Blue Bus is run solely by volunteers to whom we want to say a massive thanks for their continuous h
ard work and dedication - without them this vital service would not be possible. 

On a Saturday night, no matter the weather, you will find a talented team of volunteers and the bus parked in the town centre with the hope of relieving stress ad pressure on the ambulance and A&E service.

To find out more about the service the Urba Blue Bus provides, or to volunteer Click Here
Maidstone Community Safety Unit

The Maidstone Community Safety Unit has been on hand during the festive period at the Mall Chequers Centre, Maidstone.

Sergeant Nick  Hatcher said: ‘Officers in the Maidstone Community Safety Unit are always happy to speak with members of the public about their concerns and to provide crime prevention advice.
‘This stand in particular has been a useful tool to help us educate members of the public on how to keep their property safe.

‘Unfortunately this a time of the year when we do see an increase in burglary reports and we want everyone to be aware that a few simple steps, such as double locking doors, timing lights to be on in the evenings and security marking valuable items can 
help deter thieves. More advice is available on our website:’
Maidstone Street Pastors

Maidstone Street Pastors had team of dedicated volunteers out on Friday 23rd December 2016,  rather than the usual Saturday night this year. Although Satu
rday was Christmas Eve, it was felt the Friday night will be busier so they changed for this week only.

They had a team out on New Years Eve as usual.

Maidstone Street Pastors are always very pleased to have new volunteers for both Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors.

Could you help make a differnence?  Please email:, or phone Nigel on 07817 250705.  Click Here for application form. 
One Maidstone CIC 

Click Here for more exciting news with One Maidstone CIC 
A Safer Place, and Safer Town

One Maidstone have successfully applied for funding from the Safer Maidstone Partnership Kent PCC Community Safety Fund for an extension of the effective Town Centre Marshals scheme that was trialled last year, to help build strong communities and reduce crime and disorder in the Maidstone Town Centre

Appointing a contract to TMS Protection, Town Marshals will be visible within our Town Centre promoting positive community relationships and tackling community safety issues that matter to the local community.

During the day, Town Marshals under the guidance and support of our Town Police, will be deployed during the Summer Holidays within Brenchley Gardens to tackle anti-social behaviour and alcohol and drug related issues.

To support our night time economy on payday weekends, Town Marshals briefed by the Police, will act as a roaming MaidSafe presence, providing an additional level of safety and reassurance to our existing town centre partners at Urban Blue Bus, the Street Pastors and of course the venues and customers themselves. 

The grant will also enable Taxi Marshals to continue operating every weekend, monitoring the taxi rank and assisting customers with a safe conclusion to their night out.
See below praise for their invaluable support to Urban Blue....................
The taxi Marshalls were amazing in helping Urban Blue to gain a safe way home for a very intoxicated young lady we encountered a few weeks ago.  They stepped in and negotiated with a taxi driver to get her going home despite her being very drunk and sleepy, and made sure the friend with her was aware of the importance of keeping her upright and not vomiting!
I am sure without the intervention of the taxi Marshalls acting as a go between from Urban Blue to the taxi driver, the young lady and her friend would have found it impossible to find a taxi to take her home.

MaidSafe Awards Event

on the 10th August, will see a celebration of MaidSafe's achievements, and the amazing contributions our members make to ensure the success of the partnership.

This year's event is to be held at Muggleton Inn, hosted jointly by Police Insp Jody Gagan-Cook and Maidstone's Mayor, Councillor Malcolm Greer.

The venue, welcoming drinks and buffet are all very kindly sponsored by our members.

Awards for the following categories are presented:
  • Team Award
  • Best Performance
  • Night Time Economy
  • Timpson’s Special
  • Contribution
  • The Linda Gillette Award:  Awarded by the Police 
The evening also celebrates members that have achieved the Safer Socialising Award

Members, which are required to be licensed, are encouraged to achieve higher standards of management and operation as a demonstration of their commitment to the reduction of alcohol-related crime and disorder and anti-social behaviour.  
On inspection, MaidSafe takes each applicant through a detailed accreditation, tailored to the nature of their business.
Should there be no considerations from Kent Police Licens
ing, Kent Fire Service, Trading Standards or Environmental Enforcement, the member is awarded.    

The event is to be held on 10th August 6pm - 9pm 
Matthew Scott the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner

recently visited Maidstone town centre to observe at first hand the approach that the town takes to managing the night time economy.
 Mr Scott met with  representatives of Urban Blue, Street Pastors and the Taxi Marshals. 
He was joined on a tour around the town centre by MaidSafe Chairman John Barnes and Town Centre Coordinator Ilsa Butler who updated him on plans for more extensive marshalling in the town (funded by the PCC’s Safer Maidstone Partnership grant and locally by Maidstone Police) and gave him an overview of the successful MaidSafe operation. 

The Commissioner went into some of the venues including the Source Bar where he saw the scanning device that has proved to be a very effective tool in monitoring and identifying offenders. The evening was also an opportunity for Mr Scott to meet and observe at first hand local Police officers at work and to hear about the challenges that they face in managing their workload under current resource pressures.
Community Garden Project in Maidstone

Maidstone Borough Council are working with the Community Payback team to help turn the Brewer Street Burial Ground into a community garden for all to use.  It has historically been an area associated with anti-social behaviour, drinking and drug taking.  They will be clearing out all excess foliage, shrubs and growth to help ‘engineer’ out areas where this ASB can take place. 
The project is looking to commence August/September.
Public Space Protection Order

The Maidstone town centre PSPO, Public Space Protection Order  (with street drinking and begging as the two measures) is being introduced by Maidstone Borough Council on July 31st.  Following publicity, and a 2-week period of warning and informing, the enforcement will commence. 
CSE - Child Sex Exploitations Workshop 

To be held on Monday 31st July 9.30am at Maidstone Town Hall

The workshop is offered free of charge by police to members of MaidSafe 

The training will cover:
•             What to look out for
•             How to identify victims / offenders
•             The ‘boyfriend’ model
•             ‘Hooks’ used to hook the victims
You will learn how we can identify the warning signs and how to report them.
Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of sexual abuse. Children in exploitative situations and relationships receive something such as gifts, money or affection as a result of performing sexual activities or others performing sexual activities on them.

Interested in attending, please contact

Please see article, Kent online HERE
How the MaidSafe partnership can make a real difference 

to loss prevention in the town and the great relationship that our businesses have with one another.

Kris Van Haeften and James Spearink who run the fruit and vegetable stall in Earl Street stepped in to assist Marks and Spencer.  Store manager Rachel Baker said:
“Two weeks ago they (Kris and James) intercepted a theft from our store (Marks and Spencer) as they were taking £640 of stock. Their swift action alongside the town security and local police ensured we retrieved all the stock and the successfully arrested the individual.

With a collabor
ation like this we must celebrate that as a town and neighbours in business can do to keep our town safe for our customers and visitors. This is a true representation of businesses working together.”

We couldn’t agree more.  
MIND, Mental Health Charity - HOPE CAFE

Mind are passionate about supporting people with mental health issues. They believe in recognising people as unique individuals and not as a diagnosis or a label, and aim to equip people with the tools they need to work towards positive wellbeing. 

To support their wide range of services they now offer the Hope Cafe. A free service, it provides a safe and non-judgemental environment for people to meet others with similar problems and access mental health support and advice.  There there will be an opportunity for one-to-one professional and peer support and tea, coffee and snacks!
Run by Maidstone & Mid-Kent Mind,  the café is open on Fridays from 5pm - 9pm and on Sundays from 1pm - 5pm, located at Maidstone & Mid Kent Mind’s centre:  23 College Road Maidstone ME15 6YH

If possible, please contact them before going to the cafe on 01622 692383 

Ask for Angela safety code in Maidstone
Recently, a SAFE PHRASE was introduced by the Safer Maidstone Partnership for those feeling threatened in Maidstone.

The ‘Ask for Angela’ code allows anyone feeling threatened to discreetly alert bar staff that they are faced with a difficult situation.

Posters are on display within venues around the town, to encourage anyone who needs help to go to the bar and ask for ‘Angela’. The bar staff will know they need help, and will call them taxi or help them out discreetly.

For further informaion please contact 01622 758938
Kent Police work to tackle Mate Crime

Mate Crime occurs when someone ‘makes friends’ with a person and goes on to abuse or exploit that relationship. The founding intention of the relationship, from the point of view of the perpetrator is likely to be criminal. The relationship is likely to be of some duration and, if unchecked may lead to repeat and worsening abuse. 
Kent Police encourages members of the public to report any concerns, via 101 or by completing the online reporting form found on the Kent Police Website.
Local business sign up to Maidstone Borough Council’s public health scheme - Reduce the Strength
Substance abuse not only destroys the life of the individual but often has a devastating effect on friends, family and the wider community.
Reducing the Strength is Maidstone Borough Council’s latest public health initiative aimed at tackling the problems associated with street drinking.
Low cost, high strength alcohol is typically consumed by the most vulnerable in our society including young adults, homeless individuals, street drinkers and people with complex issues involving mental health. 
It is hoped  that local retailers will sign up to the voluntary scheme and commit to the removal of all low priced, high strength alcohol products (above 6.5 per cent alcohol by volume abv.) from their shelves to combat much of the drink related anti-social behaviour  present in the borough and the health risks associated with these products.

Further information about the scheme please contact Community Safety Partnerships or on: 01622 602658.