A guide to securing business premises during periods of closure

The following security considerations are designed to help protect businesses that are remote or may be deemed to contain items of high value or demand, or have plant, tools or vehicles on site, which could make them a target for thieves.  

Document Attached HERE

Police Do Strictly - OneMaidstone Sponsors Costumes

Over £4,000 was raised for local charity 
More Than Words 

Urban Blue Blus 10 Year Anniversary

Sat 27 April 19 saw Urban Blue Bus volunteers celebrate an incredible achievement; 10 yrs providing medical care & welfare facilities to revellers in Maidstone Town centre on Sat nights.

Urban Blue offer ‘Safe Socialising’ talks to local schools and academies to promote personal safety and wellbeing for young people who are about to start enjoying the local clubs and pubs. 
For more info Email 

MaidSafe's Educational Low-level Offenders Workshop 

Aims to divert young people away from the criminal justice system with early intervention and a multi agency approach.

Businesses are now able to refer young people who have committed a low-level offence within their premises.

A Restorative Justice Approach, working in partnership with Kent Police Youth Justice Team and Maidstone Mediation.

See for HERE more info....

Suspicious Item - Guidance 

Do not touch
  • Try and identify an owner in the immediate area
  • If you still think it’s suspicious, don’t feel embarrassed or think anybody else will report it
  • Report it to a member of staff, security, or if they are not available dial 999 (do not use your mobile phone in the immediate vicinity)
  • Move away to a safe distance - Even for a small item such as a briefcase move at least 100m away from the item starting from the centre and moving out

Knife Crime is on the increase


Following the recent publicity around KNIFE CRIME, 2 posters have been designed for retailers to display. 

Help reduce knife crime. Click HERE 

#SAFE_AND_DRY is an alcohol-related drowning risk awareness campaign promoted by Kent Search and Rescue (KSAR).

Please Watch and Share CAMPAIGN VIDEO

Equipped with MaidSafe Radios, they will be with us 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st and 22nd Dec.  

A Boat will be on the River, along with 2 teams including a Medical Unit will be located at the bottom of Maidstone High St, by the bridge gyratory system

MaidSafe's own secure version of What'sApp
Available for both Day and Night Time Economy members, accessed through a secure members only website, the  following infomation can be shared:
  • Exclusions Notices issued by MaidSafe
  • Live chat and images between members
  • Images released by Police
  • Missing persons details released by Police

Ask for Angela SAFETY CODE in Maidstone 
 A SAFE PHRASE was introduced by the Safer Maidstone Partnership for those feeling threatened in Maidstone.

The ‘Ask for Angela’ code allows anyone feeling threatened to discreetly alert bar staff that they are faced with a difficult situation.  Posters are on display within venues around the town. 

If you need help go to the bar and ask for ‘Angela’. The bar staff will know you need help, call you a taxi or help you out discreetly.

For further informaion please contact 01622 758938

Kent Police work to tackle Mate Crime

Mate Crime occurs when someone ‘makes friends’ with a person and goes on to abuse or exploit that relationship. The founding intention of the relationship, from the point of view of the perpetrator is likely to be criminal. The relationship is likely to be of some duration and, if unchecked may lead to repeat and worsening abuse. 
Kent Police encourages members of the public to report any concerns, via 101 or by completing the online reporting form found on the Kent Police Website.

Local business sign up to Maidstone Borough Council’s public health scheme - Reduce the Strength
Substance abuse not only destroys the life of the individual but often has a devastating effect on friends, family and the wider community.
Reducing the Strength is Maidstone Borough Council’s latest public health initiative aimed at tackling the problems associated with street drinking.
Low cost, high strength alcohol is typically consumed by the most vulnerable in our society including young adults, homeless individuals, street drinkers and people with complex issues involving mental health. 

Further information about the scheme please contact Community Safety Partnerships or on: 01622 602658.

MaidSafe Poster

A poster for both members and non members to display within their premises sends a strong message to say those who offend are not welcome!

MaidSafe operates an Exclusion Scheme - should an offence committed meet a certain criteria, the offender is issued an Exclusion Notice, excluding them from all MaidSafe member s premises. 
The Poster states "if you committ an offence in a MaidSafe premise, YOUR IMAGE WILL BE SHARED with all members, and you will be banned.

Posters within the Town Centre poster sites reinforce the town's message.
Posters are available to members and non members free of charge.  Please call 01622 758938 to request yours.

Best Practice Guide of Retail Security

With fewer Police resources available, we need to do what we can to help ourselves.  A presentation, hosted by MaidSafe and Maidstone Town Police shared a guide to ‘Support Retail Security’.
Prevention through early intervention and cost effective methods of detering, with detention/arrest being the last resort were shared.  
Spotting suspicious behaviour and how to approach someone you suspect of theft without putting yourself at risk were key topics, with a Meet, Greet an Observe policy introduced.
A Best Practice Guide to Retail Security is to be published soon and distributed to our members to incorporate into their working practices.
A common approach and strong message will  deter shoplifters from commiting crime in our Town Centre.

Shortcut App to Members Secure Website

Gives our members quick and real time access to offenders, incidents, support and advice.
Members can choose to view a profile of an individual, including those who have been issued an exclusion notice from all our member’s premises. 
There is also a ‘Quick Report’ to log an incident.  The member simply takes a photo, enter some details relating to the incident and submits.

Once authorised by the Partnership Manager, the intelligence is shared with the members.

Just one example of the amazing work performed by the MaidSafe Night Time Economy Partnership...............
A lady came to the Urban Blue Bus very upset asking to chat, where she revealed she had lost a baby to cot death last year.  She was swaying about and had obviously been drinking. Chatting to her the Street Pastors were asked to come and chat with her and walk her to the bus station. As they walked she told them she had taken an overdose of her anti seizure tablets (she was noticeably dozier and sleepier than before).
The Street Pastors walked her back to the Urban Blue Bus, who called 999. As they continued to talk she mentioned she had a restraint order against her abusive ex-husband, and she had 4 other children. Worried as to who was looking after them, the police were called to do a welfare check.
Searching for the pills she had taken and unlocking her phone, her friend was called to sit with her. It became apparent the lady was very distressed and was within community psychiatric care. In the meantime, she got noticeably sleepier and unresponsive. When the ambulance crew arrived, they had to intubate her - the lady went off to hospital very unwell indeed.
The lady was 'touch and go', in critical care.  She regained some conscious the following day and is now recovering well, receiving excellent care and the support services she needs.
It was a very shocking and difficult situation for the Volunteers of the Urban Blue Bus and Street Pastors to deal with.  The ambulance guys were really appreciative and told them they were angels, in this case we can believe it, along with the police they really did save this lady’s life.

Urban Blue Bus

The Urban Blue Bus is run solely by volunteers to whom we want to say a massive thanks for their continuous h
ard work and dedication - without them this vital service would not be possible. 

On a Saturday night, no matter the weather, you will find a talented team of volunteers and the bus parked in the town centre with the hope of relieving stress ad pressure on the ambulance and A&E service.

To find out more about the service the Urba Blue Bus provides, or to volunteer Click Here

Maidstone Community Safety Unit

The Maidstone Community Safety Unit has been on hand during the festive period at the Mall Chequers Centre, Maidstone.

Sergeant Nick  Hatcher said: ‘Officers in the Maidstone Community Safety Unit are always happy to speak with members of the public about their concerns and to provide crime prevention advice.
‘This stand in particular has been a useful tool to help us educate members of the public on how to keep their property safe.

‘Unfortunately this a time of the year when we do see an increase in burglary reports and we want everyone to be aware that a few simple steps, such as double locking doors, timing lights to be on in the evenings and security marking valuable items can 
help deter thieves. More advice is available on our website:’

Maidstone Street Pastors - Volunteer 
Maidstone Street Pastors are always very pleased to have new volunteers for both Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors.

Could you help make a differnence?  Please email:, or phone Nigel on 07817 250705.   
Our Town Centre Police Team, with our PCSO’s and Amba
ssadors are having fun and working hard to keep Maidst
one safe.
Since the Town Centre Police Team started in Oct 19 they have:

1)  Made over 120 arrests in the town

2)  Completed over 180 stop searched in the town.

3)  Created and taken details for over 150 crime reports.

4)  Obtained evidence, statements & CCTV for numerous other cases that has led to an increase in charges and the quality of investigation.
In addition, they have clearly completed high visibility patrolling of high crime / ASB areas including Brenchley gardens and the top end of town. They have also worked with colleagues to issue numerous Community Protection Warnings to people causing ASB in the town.

Action Counters Terrorism - Free Training. Become a CT Citizen

Counter Terrorism Policing has opened up training to anyone who wants to become a CT Citizen so they can learn how to spot the signs of suspicious behaviour and understand what to do in the event of a major incident.

Devised by CT officers and security experts - Follow Links:

ACT Awareness eLearning package

Counter Terrorism Policing:  "Just a Minute"

A mere minute could be all it takes to gain vital knowledge that will help Counter Terrorism Police keep everyone safe.

Can you help share our message? 

CTP have put together a toolkit to help businesses help them to share our new campaign.

The toolkit has digital assets, such as website copy and social media posts,  Download HERE
Click HERE to watch LOOK AGAIN video

Counter Terrorism Policing Festive Campaign 2019

Counter Terrorism Policing is asking all of us to support their campaign to help keep crowded places safe over the festive period.

This annual campaign asks everyone to be the extra eyes and ears of the police, so everyone can work together to tackle terrorism. 

Senior National Coordinator for Protective Security, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi, says: “We are asking everyone out and about enjoying the season to put security at the top of their festive list...." 

Report it either to local security or staff - or to police at:  and let them check it out.


Beech House Sexual Assault Referral Centre
Beech House SARC offers a comprehensive service for adults and children in Kent and Medway, who have experienced sexual violence or sexual abuse. You can access Beech House via the Police and other professionals, as well as via the self-referral pathway on their website.
At Beech House SARC, individuals are offered support and guidance, a medical assessment/treatment, a forensic examination, and the opportunity of aftercare referrals for support services.
​Based on their individual needs they can choose to use as much or as little of their service as they wish.
For more information regarding Beech House SARC and what services they can offer, please contact: Office hours 01622 726461. Out of hours 0800 133 7432.  Email  or via 

Raising funds for two fantastic charities – More Than Words and White Ribbon,
The inaugural One Maidstone Shield at the Gallagher Stadium sponsored by TMS Protection Ltd. 

Kent Police took on Maidstone Borough Council in a Charity football match on 17th May 19.⚽️  This year Maidstone Police came out the winners with the final score 3-1.  Over £1,000 was raised on the night.

Scared 999 callers unable to speak - Press 55 when prompted

A national campaign to raise awareness of a system to help people alert police when in imminent danger but unable to speak, is being launched by the Independent Office for Police Conduct. 
The Silent Solution system enables a 999 mobile caller who is too scared to make a noise, or speak, to press 55 when prompted – to inform police they are in a genuine emergency.

Click HERE for more information 

National Incident Notification

Improvised Explosive Devices Sent via Mail

Members of the public should always remain alert to the danger of terrorism and report any suspicious activity to the police on 999

Advice to assist you to identify suspect packages are contained in the links below:

Action Upon Discovery of any Suspicious Delivered Item  A summary of actions that can be taken by anyone should a suspicious article be identified.
Possible Indicators that a Delivered Item Might be of Concern 
List of bullet points providing advice in relation to identifying different types of threats that can be received through the mail.
 Mail Screening Matters 
The “Mail Screening Matters Campaign” toolkit contains material to promote awareness and good practice within businesses and organisations in relation to mail screening including a summary of the indicators and appropriate action to take.
 Mail screening and security – Specification
A tool to help take security managers through the necessary steps to achieve effective and appropriate mail screening measures for their business or organisation.
Maidstone launches it's new Business Improvement District 
ONEMaidstone BID 
with the provision of 
Town Centre Ambassadors

Consultation in the development stages highlighted five key areas of concern for us to focus on in the first half of the five years of the BID's term: crime, safety, anti-social behaviour, cleanliness and parking. 

The Town Centre Ambassadors are already active within the town centre and can be seen and called upon every day from 11am to 5pm and on Saturday nights from 11pm to 5am.  The Ambassadors have a varied role and are there to meet and greet town centre users, monitor anti social behaviour, warning and informing about the Public Space Protection Order and providing a reassuring presence for busineses and your customers. 
They are covering the whole BID boundary so please say hello when you see them!
Contact us at the office on or call 01622 678777 for more information.
Volunteering with Maidstone Mediation 
Maidstone Mediation trains and supports volunteers to bring peaceful resolution to interpersonal conflicts

Could this be for you?  Help people to listen to one another, clear up misunderstandings, acknowledge hurt and to negotiate agreements which both sides think are fair and reasonable.

Contact Maidstone Mediation on  
TEL 01622 692843
Counter Terrorism - Communities Defeat Terrorism Poster

Remain vigilant about the terrorist threat.

Whilst there is no need for any alarm and there is no intelligence to suggest that Kent is a target for such an attack, it is good practice to refresh the subject and just keep it in mind when considering if something strikes an individual as suspicious. 

Please see link to the latest campaign which emphasises the important role the public play in tackling this issue.


The new national body representing crime partnerships - a new organisation that does the very things BCPR's need to succeed!
Look out for our Till Talkers!

MaidSafe has designed a free standing double sided 'Till Talker' to make those considering offending aware:           

We are watching you!

We will take action against you!

Kent Police pilot scheme searches for willing volunteers
A pilot scheme in Spring 18 recruited volunteers with a selection of powers to work alongside police officers, supporting the force’s community safety units and special constables.  They will wear a uniform and provide additional visibility and an extra point of contact to the public.
The power to request the name and address of someone committing anti-social behaviour, the authority to control traffic and place traffic signs, and being able to enter homes to save life or prevent serious damage are powers to be extended to the volunteers, along with other duties.
More at the jobs section of

Purse Thieves and Pick Pockets 

Please be careful when out and about to avoid becoming a victim of opportunist thieves:
Never leave handbags unattended on top of prams, shopping trolleys, wheelchairs or mobility scooters.  Always keep handbags and bags zipped up and where you can see them.  Avoid leaving wallets in back pockets.

Corrosive chemical attack advice 

There has been an increase in the use of corrosive chemicals such as acids and alkalis in attacks.  The substance may still be within its original container, however it may be decanted into other containers to disguise or weaponised it. Common containers used are sports/squeeze plastic bottles such as Lucozade or Fruit Shoot.

For General Advice and First Aid Advice click HERE 
Counter Terrorism Workshop

A free training session, provided jointly by MaidSafe, the National Counter Terrorism Office and the SIA, held at the Odeon Maidstone on 20th Sept was extremely well attended and received. The sesion covered:
  • Help understand the threat from terrorism to the UK
  • Guide individuals on what to do if they find themselves involved in a terrorist incident or event
  • Leads up to a planned attack
  • Enable people to recognise and report suspicious activity
Guidance and support notes are available via 
Public Space Protection Order
The introduction of the Maidstone town centre PSPO, Public Space Protection Order in September 2017 aims to create safer communities and deter and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. 

With street drinking and  Mbegging as the two measures. 


A presentation shared with our members the support and completely confidential advice serivces available to victims of Sexual Abuse or Rape, and Domestic Abuse.

Beech House SARC Maidstone
Office:  01622 726461 ( Weekdays 9am - 5pm)
Out of Hours:  0800 133 7432 (24/7 Free Phone) 

Domestic Abuse Support Services for Medway and Kent
Salvation Army
Tuesday 09.30am -11.30am 
24 hour National Domestic Violence Helpline run in partnership between Women's Aid and Refuge on 0808 2000 247 or the Mens' Advice Line on 0808 801 0327.
CSE - Child Sexual Exploitations Workshop,

Offered by Kent Police to MaidSafe, identified the warning signs and how to report them.

•In an emergency, by phoning 999 and quoting ‘Operation Willow’
•By phoning 101 and quoting ‘Operation Willow’
•By phoning 116 000
•By phoning ‘Crimestoppers’ on 0800 555 111

Log onto to download DASH App

The App contains links to all local support services in Kent.
For anyone concerned or suffering from the effects of: Domestic Abuse, Hate Crime, Mental Health, Child Sexual Exploitation,
Modern Slavery / Trafficking, Gangs, Full victim / Restorative Justice and Court Services,  Bereavement, Breaking the cycle of offending,  Missing Persons, Crime & Terrorism Prevention.
SUPPORT FOR YOU, when dealing with someone who is experiencing a mental health crisis:

A Single Point of Access provides you with a route to obtain information and advice to refer people to Mental Health services in Kent. Referrals can be made by individuals themselves, GPs, other health care professionals and members of the public.

Call 24/7 on 0300 222 0123 or text number 07860 022819 

Please see link to website - This provides an online searchable database for support.

Contact 999  - if their life is imminently in danger or they pose a risk to others.

MaidSafe Awards Event 
On the 10th August, MaidSafe celebrated its achievements, and the amazing contributions its members make to ensure the success of the partnership.

This year's event was hosted jointly by Police Insp Jody Gagan-Cook and Maidstone's Mayor, Councillor Malcolm Greer, and supported by Muggleton Inn, Source Bar, Ronald White Photographic and Timpson Engraving generous sponsorships. Sainsburys and House of Fraser donated 2 amazing gifts for the evening.

MaidSafe Category Awards Winners:
Team Award: Fremlin Walk Security
Best Performance: Kerry Elkington, House of Fraser
Night Time Economy: Taxi Marshals, TMS Protection Ltd
Timpsons Special Award: Caroline Wayland, PCSO
Contribution: Jon Baker, Urban Blue Bus
The evening also celebrated members that have achieved the Safer Socialising Award,  
demonstrating their positive contribution towards improving standards of management, community safety and crime reduction:

Follow accessment, awards were presented to:
The Brenchley, Strawberry Moons, Society Rooms, Royal Albion, KalaRED,
The Muggleton Inn, McDonalds Week Street, McDonalds Broadway, Earls, 
Source Bar and Lashings.

Matthew Scott the Kent Police and Crime Commsisioner 
Mr Scott recently visited Maidstone town centre to observe at first hand the approach that the town takes to managing the night time economy.
Representatives of Urban Blue Bus, Maidstone Street Pastors and MaidSafe Marshals provided Mr Scott the an overview of the successful MaidSafe operation in our town. 

How the MaidSafe partnership can make a real loss prevention in the town and the great relationship that our businesses have with one another.
  Store manager Rachel Baker said:
Kris and James (who run the fruit and Vegetable stall) intercepted a theft from our store (Marks and Spencer) as they were taking £640 of stock. Their swift action alongside the town security and local police ensured we retrieved all the stock and the successfully arrested the individual.
With a collabor
ation like this we must celebrate that as a town and neighbours in business can do to keep our town safe for our customers and visitors. This is a true representation of businesses working together.”
.................We couldn’t agree more.  
MIND, Mental Health Charity - HOPE CAFE

Mind are passionate about supporting people with mental health issues, recognising people as unique individuals and not as a diagnosis or a label, and aim to equip people with the tools they need to work towards positive wellbeing. 

To support their wide range of services they now offer the Hope Cafe. A free service, it provides a safe and non-judgemental environment for people to meet others with similar problems, access mental health support and advice, with the opportunity for one-to-one professional and peer support.
Run by Maidstone & Mid-Kent Mind,  ther café is open on Fridays from 5pm - 9pm and on Sundays from 1pm - 5pm, 23 College Road Maidstone ME15 6YH
If possible, please contact them before going to the cafe on 01622 692383