MaidSafe Partners

We are a member of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships, an independent not-for-profit organisation working with business crime reduction partnerships (BCRPs), police, local authorities and other agencies. 
MaidSafe members benefit from a wide range of initiatives, designed to help prevent and detect crime, and reduce the cost of losses. Radio links and CCTV provide real time information for traders, whilst the Maidstone Retail Exclusion Notice Scheme gives a clear message to offenders that crime is not tolerated in the tow.

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Member Registration
 for access to restricted areas of the website

To obtain access to the members only pages you need to register. To do that simply click on the members login tab below and follow the instructions. The MaidSafe Manager will verify you are a member and record your details to authorise you access. You will receive an email notification when that has been done and you will be able to gain access to the intelligence and information contained on the site, and be able to log incidents. 

The MaidSafe Manager is able to audit all usage and is able to withdraw authorisation if a problem is identified.

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MaidSafe, One Maidstone BID, works in partnership with the police, local authorities and local businesses to reduce business crime in Maidstone, increase trade and make Maidstone a safer environment for its staff, customers and visitors.

MaidSafe Membership Benefits
  • Real time information sharing and communication via the supplied radio and link. Live information is exchanged between CCTV control, police, members, marshals and other agencies
  • Images, incidents and intelligence are shared via MaidSafe’s secure members only website. Important messages and links are displayed on the message board along with support and guidance documents to download.
  • The Exclusion Notice Scheme uses the information collated from within the Partnership to ban individuals from entering member’s premises.
  • Staff awareness and training sessions are offered, along with user guides to help deal with situations you may encounter.
  • Regular communication and publicity via the media.
  • Day and Night Time Economy meetings are held, to share intelligence, views and ideas with the police, other agencies and fellow members.
  • Feeling of security and being part of the town community.
  • Support from a Partnership Manager and Administrator.
  • Increased public safety, reducing the fear of crime and intimidation.

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